About Joel Palmer, the Oregon Pioneer

Joel Palmer was one of Oregon’s preeminent pioneers who left Indiana in 1845 to make his long way West. As leader of one of three wagon trains headed for Oregon, Palmer soon exhibited the leadership qualities for which he became famous. 

Joel Palmer co-founded the town of Dayton in 1848 and built this home in 1857. It is said that the town of Dayton is named after the hometown of Chris Taylor, a close friend.

My parents: Jack and Heidi Czarnecki, Sonja Czarnecki (my sister), and my grandparents: Joseph and Wanda Czarnecki

The Czarnecki Family

Our family business took shape when my great-grandfather, Joseph Czarnecki, opened Joe’s Tavern in 1916 in Reading, Pennsylvania. His son, Joseph Jr., carried on the tradition, transforming the original tavern into Joe’s Restaurant and changing the focus to fine dining and wine with wild mushrooms (a family passion) as the centerpiece. My father, Jack Czarnecki, followed in his father’s footsteps, taking Joe’s Restaurant to a new level while maintaining the mushroom theme. My parents’ dream to combine fine cuisine, great mushroom hunting, and world-class wine was fully realized in 1996 when they purchased The Joel Palmer House and moved the restaurant West.


Chef/Owner, Christopher Czarnecki

Chef Christopher Czarnecki

As 4th generation restaurateur and chef, I am honored to be carrying on the family tradition and proud to share our family's passion for fine dining. I've spent the majority of my life in and out of kitchens (Pennsylvania, Germany, France, Oregon, and Iraq). And upon returning home from my service in the US Army in 2006, my father asked me if I wanted to join the family business. In 2008 my folks retired and it has been my goal to build upon my family's rich traditions and continue to deliver superb cuisine and outstanding experiences to our guests.