3 Course Menu $65


Mixed Greens Salad
candy cap mushroom (Lactarius fragilis) vinaigrette,
bleu cheese, & candied pecans

Joe’s Wild Mushroom Soup*
(Suillus Luteus, “Slippery Jacks”)

Jack’s Wild Mushroom “Risotto”*
(Porcini & Slippery Jacks)

 Heidi's Three Mushroom Tart*
(Slippery Jacks, Boletus edulis “Porcini”, Agaricus bisporus “Buttons”)

 Beef Tartare**
truffle-infused with house-baked brioche
(Tuber Oregonense & Volvariella volvacea “straw mushroom”)

with lemon-lime emulsion and truffle (Tuber Oregonense)

 Main Course

 Beef Stroganoff*
with wild mushrooms over seasoned rice
(Slippery Jacks Suillus Luteus, and Porcini, Boletus edulis)

 Duck Breast
Chinese 5 spice scented with Marion
Berry / foie gras purée, white truffle (Tuber Oregonense), and seared apple, add pan-seared foie gras $18

  Sockeye Salmon
with curried quinoa, chimichurri,
and diced Abalone Mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus)

 Angel Hair Pasta
with Dungeness Crab & Oyster Mushrooms
in mushroom cream sauce (Craterellus tubaeformis)

Filet Mignon
with Pinot, Porcini, & Schezuan Purée
and mushroom duxelle (Boletus edulis)
add pan-seared foie gras $18

Rack of Lamb
with shiitake mushrooms (Lentinula edodes),
lentils & pinot-pepper sauce


Candy Cap Mushroom Crème Brûlée
(Lactarius fragilis)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse

Rhubarb, Apple, & Basil Cobbler
with house made vanilla gelato

 Trio of Seasonal Sorbets

 Chocolate & White Truffle Semifreddo
(Tuber Oregonense)

 Trio of Artisanal Cheeses

5 Course Mushroom Madness
Tasting Menu $90

(to ensure timely service, we ask that the entire table participate)

Joe’s Wild Mushroom Soup*
Mixed Greens Salad

Heidi’s Three Mushroom Tart*
Seasonal Mushrooms

Sockeye Salmon
Angel Hair Pasta

pan-seared foie gras add $18

 “Into the Woods”
Chef’s selection of sweet bites

Tasting of Artisan Cheese

 Indulgent Additions
shareable delights for 2 or more

 Northwest Oysters on the half shell** $3/each
with Pinot Noir mignonette

55 Day In-House-Dry-Aged NY Steak $32
with fresh herb truffle salsa (Tuber Oregonense)

 Foie Gras Mousse $24
with Candy Cap Mushroom gelée
(Lactarius fragilis)

 *denotes signature, Czarnecki family recipe
** Oregon State Law requires to inform you that raw or undercooked foods increases the risk of food borne illness
Wi-Fi: Joel Palmer Guest Password: mushroom


Oregon Omakase $145

10+ courses, a varying selection of the best that The Joel Palmer House has to offer. 
Must be ordered by entire table and upon making your reservation.
Not available all evenings. 
Substitutions and allergy considerations are limited but we will accommodate to the best of our ability.
Expect a 2 to 3 hour visit for this tasting menu.

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