Our cooking revolves around wild mushrooms and truffles which we gather ourselves and with friends.

We have always endeavored to obtain locally raised ingredients in our cooking, and we use many locally produced greens, herbs, and vegetables, many of which come from our own culinary garden.

We frequently draw inspiration from the cuisines of Mexico, China, Thailand, Poland, and India, so we call our cooking, “freestyle”.

Of course, we work hard to create dishes that complement the glorious wines of Oregon, especially Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay.

A Note On Service Charge... In lieu of Tip or Gratuity, a Service Charge of 18% is added, allowing us to pay all of our employees a stable, living wage. This method of service is of the "European Tradition", meaning that our entire team is at your service during your dining experience, as opposed to just a single waiter or waitress. You are welcome to adjust the amount of the service charge as you see fit on your check. Reducing the amount does not affect anyone on the staff's pay. Any additional tip left is pooled among only servers in accordance with state law.